When I was a small child before I even learned to read, I would draw incessantly on the tile floor of our house with chalk and my mother had to follow me with the mop all the time, however she kept on buying more chalk. I remember when trying to draw faces, that they all looked like the faces in the comics books, I did not realize that comics drawing is not the same as realistic drawing. Eventually by observing peoples faces I discovered that in profile, the nose does not look like a carrot and I that observation helped me to finally draw a face that would not look like a Pinocchio and ever since, I have been fascinated by the way people look.

In grammar school I would paint comic strips and sell them to my classmates and as a freshman in high school I won the First Prize at an art exhibit of the school, with an oil landscape painted entirely by myself. However, that was the last time I attempted to draw or paint, because my parents discouraged me from studying art as a profession and instead, they suggested a more conventional university career.

In 1960 I became a medical doctor and I came to Chicago, Illinois to study psychiatry. After many years of being involved in private practice, teaching, administration, and raising a family, I retired from medicine and left Chicago in 1997. My intention was to use my free time to become the painter I always wanted to be. Since I was too old to enter an art school, I attempted to learn oil painting on my own, by reading "know-how" books and by attending some workshops from prominent artists. After three years of trying to learn to paint and failing in my attempts to support myself as an artist, I was forced to return to work in my medical specialty. By the end of 2007, I will retire again from medicine and will move permanently to Las Cruces, New Mexico where I intend to paint full time and continue to study art.

I try to paint every genre, still life, landscape, figure and portrait, but lately I have been doing only portraits because of my own choice. To me, painting a portrait is very exciting, because there are many details that go deeper than the external features of a person and that need to be captured to really represent that person for posterity.

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