I consider painting a portrait a very challenging endeavor, because it goes far deeper than the actual process of painting the external appearance of the person, which makes the portrait entirely unique and personal.

I use the Old World painting techniques with the best and most expensive painting materials, to give the portrait the appearance of a classical painting, like the ones you see in the best museums.

My goal is that every portrait I produce, will become a true heirloom that will be cherished for many generations of the descendents of that sitter, because a well made portrait will outlive any photograph by hundreds of years.

To provide a more natural look, I encourage the sitters to be painted entirely from life, but distance or busy schedules does not always allow for this luxury. In those cases, I still want to have a limited number of live sit-in's to do quick sketches complemented with photographic studies. This is unavoidable when panting small children or pets.

"Rembrandt Interpretation" After Rembrandt's:
"Simeon With The Christ Child In The Temple"
Oil On Board 9" X 11" - Collection of the Artist

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